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Chapter One: Circle Of Friends - Point Of Grace

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'Hey, how are you?'

'Good, do you want to come over?'

'Yeah, but let me ask my mom first.'

'Ok.' She put the receiver down on the kitchen table and ran to the laundry room.

'Mom, can I go over to Brians house?'

'I guess so, but be home by supper, you know how your father gets.'

She ran back into the kitchen and picked up the phone. 'Yeah, I can, but I have to be home for supper.'

'My mom said you can come eat here if you want.'

'Ahhh, Ill go ask.'

She went to find her mom again. 'Mom, he wants to know if I can eat at his house.'

'Ok, but home by 8:00. You know why.'

'Ok.' She went back into the kitchen. 'I can come but I have to be home by 8:30.'

'Ok. Are you coming now?'
'Yeah. Bye.'

'Bye.' She hung up the phone. 'Im leaving now Mom! Bye!'

'Take your coat, Lillian. It may get cool.'

'Ok, ma.' She took her coat off the coat rack and slipped on her sandals. She closed the door behind her and walked across her and Brians huge backyards to his
house. She opened the back door and was greeted by his mom, Jackie.

'Hi Lilly, Brians in the basement looking for something.'

'Thanks Mrs. Littrell.'

'Sure.' Jackie exited to work in her garden while Lillian Meyer, Brians next-door neighbor and best friend, walked through his house to the basement stairs. She saw him coming up.

'What did you have to get?'


'Your mom said you had to get something, what was it?'

'Oh nothing. I was looking for my soccer ball, but I couldnt find it. I thought we would play soccer.'

'You know I hate soccer. Why cant we play basketball?'

'Because Im not good at it. Im too short.' They went to school together. Lillian was the tallest girl or boy in their class, Brian was one of the shortest.

'So? We could just play PIG or something. You dont have to be tall for that.'

'Fine. Lets go find the basketball.' They walked out into the two-car garage. Brian picked the ball up out of the basket of other outside equipment, baseballs, bats,
footballs, tennis racquets, and the whole sporting goods store. Lilly walked outside and waited for him.

'Goodness, takes you five years!'

'Shut up.'

'Thats not nice.'

'You make fun of me all the time.'

'I know. She laughed.'

'Its not funny either.'

'Im sorry, its just so easy.' They both laughed. They had grown up and were still growing up side-by-side. Their birthdays were only 3 days apart and they were in the
same hospital together. Brian had had heart problems and still did. When he was in the hospital, Lilly visited him everyday. You wouldve thought they were brother and sister,
the way they acted together.

'Ha ha! Your a pie! A p-i. Pie! Apple or Cherry?'

'Hey you have a P too you know.'

'I know,' she said as Brian swished a basket.

'How did you like that one, Lilly?'

'I didnt.' She missed the same shot. 'Now I really don't.'

'Apple or cherry?'

'Hey!' Brian missed. 'Watch and learn.' She put it up and banked it. 'Try that one!'

'I will.' He missed.

'I win!'

'I know.'

'Hi Lillian. Do you ever go home?'

'Yes I do Harold,' she said grumpily to Brians brother. 'Do you ever talk to me without being rude?'

'Yes I do Lilly. What are you guys doing anyway?'

'I just beat Brian at pig.'

'Well, that doesn't take much.'


'Quiet down, Brian. You take everything so seriously.'

'Yeah, you do Brian. Lighten up. Its all in fun.'

'Fine, Ill lighten up. Youll see.'

'Hey kids, supper's ready,' Jackie said out of the front window. Lillian picked up the basketball and put it away for Brian (boys, all they think of is food!) and followed them inside.

'What are we having?' she asked.

'Macaroni and cheese with hot dogs.'

'YES!' screamed Brian. 'My favorite!'

Lillian and Harold just shook their heads. Jackie loaded their plates, giving Brian extra of course. Mr. Littrell, Harold Sr., came in from the garage. He had just gotten home from work. Jackie went over to welcome him by giving him a kiss. The three kids looked at each other and, in unison, said 'EWWWWWW.' Jackie and Harold ignored
them and walked over to the supper table.

'This is good Mrs. Littrell.'

'Thanks Lilly.'

'Can I have more, mom?'

'You haven't finished what you have.'
'But I want to eat it all before Harold gets it all!' Everyone but Harold and Brian laughed. 'I'm not joking!'

'That's too bad, I thought you had lightened up,' Harold said.

'Harold, be nice to your brother,' Harold Sr. said.

'Ok, dad.'

'By the way, do you guys want to go out to Uncle Gerald and Aunt Anns house tomorrow?'

'Yeah,' Harold said right away.

'I dont know. Kevin and Harold always pick on me!' Brian piped up.

'We do not!'

'Do too!'




'Would you two stop?' Lillian broke it up. 'You drive me nuts!'

'Thank you Lilly. Sometimes I'm really glad youre here.'

'No problem!'
'Goodness, Lilly, whered you get the bruise on your arm?'

'What bruise?'

'That big one on your forearm.' She looked down.

'Oh, it was just...just really silly actually. Yeah, I uh, I uh, fell off my bed.
Yeah, when I was trying to reach my kool-aid. Yeah.'

'Oh, be careful next time!'

'Oh I will.' She heard the clock chime 8 times. 'What time is it Mrs. Littrell?'

'It's eight oclock, Lilly. Do you have to go?'

'Yes, I have to go before my dad gets mad. Bye. Thank you for supper.'

'It's no problem Lillian, come over again real soon.'

'You know I will.'

'Mom, can I walk with Lilly home?'

'If thats alright with her.'

'Sure, you can come with me Brian, but I have to hurry.'

'Ok.' They got up from the table, Lilly grabbed her coat from the back of her
chair and the went out the back door. 'Why do you always have to be home before your

'I dont.'

'Yes you do. You cant spend the night at my house ever because youre dad
would get mad. Why?'

'He doesnt like me being with boys.'

'But Im different. Were friends. Why is that bad?'

'It's just...he just doesn't like it, that's all.'

'And how come I can never come to your house?'

'You can come, just not when my dad's home.'

'Just cause he doesn't like me?'

'I guess. That's what mom says.'

'Oh.' They arrived at her back door.

'You'd better go home now.'

'Lillian Raegine Meyer, Ive known you for 8 years and Ive never been in your
house! I want to see your house!'

'I would, but my dad will be coming home. He'd be soooo mad you wouldn't
know. He doesn't like when I go over to your house. Actually, we dont tell him
anymore. But when he did know, he got angry and said stuff like, dont ever bring a boy
over here if you know whats good for ya. He's mean.'

'I've seen your dad, but I've never talked to him. He doesn't look mean.'

'Never mind that, you have to go. I have to go. I'll see you at school tomorrow.'

'Ok. Bye.' He turned around and left. He had always wondered why he never
had gone into her house, but he still didn't have the answers he was looking for.