Don't Mess With The Radio
Chapter 1


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"How about this one? Personal care giver. Must be friendly and easy to get along with. No experience necessary. Apply at Centennial Nursing Home," Autumn's roommate Erica told her.

"I dont think I wanna be a sponge bath giver for old people." They both laughed. It was her first week of school this year at Ulrich School for the Performing Arts. It was her junior year. She decided to live in the dorms, because it was cheaper than getting an apartment. She was so glad she had Erica for my roommate. They got along so well, even if she was only a freshman.

"Oh my God!" she shouted. "I found it, the perfect job!"

"Well don't leave me hangin sister, tell."

"Radio personality wanted for Morning Show on local light rock station, 97.5 KQQR. Must have an awesome personality and a degree in broadcasting or a musical field is a plus. That is so me!" Autumn squealed.

"Hold on girl, you ain't got the job yet."

"Yeah, but who could resist me?" she said playfully.



"Just kidding. You should go for it. Hell, it might be the big break youve been looking for."

"That's what I thought."


"May I help you?"

"Yes, I would like an application for the disc jockey job."

"Radio personality," she said handing the paper to me, with a smile.

"Right, radio personality."

"You can either take it home and fill it out or just fill it out here. Its not very long, it
shouldn't take you but 5 minutes."

"Okay." She sat down on the big plush couch in the opening foyer.

'Date: 8/13/03. Name? That's easy, She thought to herself. She wrote down Autumn Marie Crane. Birthdate? 5/25/82 Ahh, the pleasures of being 21.' She filled out the rest of the personal information. 'Prior experience? None on the radio. I play original songs at different
bars and clubs though. Education? Major in Vocal Performance at USPA, previous Music Major at University of Florida. They have so got to pick me,' she thought to herself as she handed her application to the receptionist.

"Thank you. We'll get back to you." She nodded
and left. She had to get this job.