Don't Mess With The Radio
Chapter 12


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" youre gettin what you deserve," Autumn finished the song.

"Awesome Autumn, I think we got it," Kevin said through the microphone. Autumn took
off her headphones and headed into the room with the boys.

"Now thats how we do it boys," she said.

"Damn straight woman," AJ said. "Excellent work. " Autumn nodded and smiled.

"I think were finished with you for today except today's the dealine for deciding about a
duet with us."

"Oh right. Well, I redid this old country song last night and turned it into a
duet, with one guy. I was listening to your guys records, and well, I think Nick would be the best
for it. That is, if its okay with him, and everyone else." She looked in his direction. He was
eagar to get started.

"Fine with me," he quickly said. "Everyone else?" Nick hated country music.

"Sure," they said in agreement.

"Alright, see you all here tomorrow, same time," Kevin said. They all walked toward the
parking lot, Nick and Autumn trailing behind.

"Nick, you know that song, I was wondering if you wanted to come over to my place and
well, look it over. You know, to make sure it'll work."

"Sure, I'm not worried about it though. You've got some great stuff."

"Aw, thanks."

"Where do you live?"

"Do you have a pen?"

"Yeah," he grabbed one from his pocket. Autumn grabbed his hand and wrote her
address on it.

"This is my address, but I'll give you some directions. First, make your way to the main
entrance to the Ulrich campus. Then, you have to turn left at the first road on your left. Then
take a right at the second stop sign. Then take another right at the next street. It will be the first
building on your left. Its McKennly Hall. Im in room 423. Got it?"

"Yep, see you at like, say, 7?"

"Sounds good."

"Do you think maybe we could, like, go out to dinner or something afterward?"

"Yeah, I'd like that. Well, see you then."

"Yeah, bye." They walked their separate ways.


"Hey-ya Rick!" Nick shouted from his driveway to his neighbor who was doing some yard
work in his front yard.

"Hey Nick, why are we in such a good mood today?" he asked, stopping his triming of his

"Oh I only got a date with the most beautiful girl in the world!"

"I thought Jennifer Lopez was married," he said laughing.

"Oh, okay, second most beautiful girl in the world," he joked back. "You know the girl I
told you about? Like a few weeks ago?"

"The one you guys signed?"


"She broke up with her boyfriend?"

"Oh well, I dunno, but she asked me over to her place to go over a, get this, duet! YES!"
he basically shouted.

"Congrats, congrats, boy. You'd better get ready."

"Oh, OH! Right! I almost forgot. I haven't been out with a girl for like, ever!" He hummed as
he made his way to his front door. Rick just chuckled. He just hoped this girl turned out better
than the last one. He didn't want Nick to end up like that again.