Don't Mess With The Radio
Chapter 3


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"Okay, we want you to just be yourself as best you can. Tell them like, your first name, how old
you are, a little bit about yourself, and then introduce the next song. Can you do that?"

"I'll try," she said nervously.

"Just have a seat, and when this song gets done, push this button and you'll be on air."

"Okay." The song ended and she pushed the button. "Hey, hey, Orlando! What's going
on? I'm Autumn and I'm auditioning for this job. I'm 21 and go to Ulrich. I'm studying vocal
performance. I'm originally from Chicago, but live here now. And I really want this job!" she said
laughing. "Well, anyway, getting back to the music, cause that's what its all about right? Here's
the latest from Hillary Tankton, it's 'To Get Back There.'" James pushed the button that started
the music.

"Good job."


"Yes, excellent."


"You sounded very natural, very relaxed."


"I want you to stick around and listen to some comments."

"Alright." Before she knew it, the song was over and phone lines were busy.

"Hello. The James Kelly radio show. What did you think of Autumn?"

"I thought she was great. I'd give her a 9.7," the listener said.

"Awesome," he went to someone else. "What did you think of Autumn?"

"She sounds really cool. Not as nervous as the others."

"Great, now what did you think?"

"She rocks."

"Okay, well be back in 10 minutes with another interviewee, but for now, take a listen to
our sponsors." The on-air sign went dark and he turned to Autumn and said, "I'll give you a call
tomorrow if you got the job. If you don't hear from us, you didn't get it. What time will you be

"I'll be there after 4. I'll probably stay there all night, I've got a major test to study for."

"Alright, Autumn, it was nice to meet you," he said shaking her hand. "That's all we have
for you for today."

"Alright, goodbye." She exited the studio and basically ran to her car to turn the radio on
and listen to some more comments.