Don't Mess With The Radio
Chapter 23


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"You were right guys, I shouldn't give her another chance."

"What happened now?" AJ asked.

"I went in there, she was kissing Lyle."

"I knew it! I never liked that girl!" Brian said.
"Well then, why'd you let us sign her?" Nick asked. "You know we all have to come to
the same desicion!"

"I knew you liked her and wanted to be close to her, okay! Ease off!" Brian said, being a

"I just wish there was some way to un-sign her."


"No..thank you!" Three hellish days later Kevin said, "Nick, be prepared to thank me so
much you'll want to die."


"Nevermind. But anyway, I just got off the phone with the vice-president of Capitol

"What'd they want?"

"He...." he paused for a moment, hoping to build up the momentum. "Wants to sign

"So....why would I want to thank you for that?"

"Well, if you look at page 31, paragraph 3, of her contract, Autumn can be signed to any
other label during the duration of this contract if we would want to drop her. We can drop her
only if another label signs her. Capitol wants to sign her, we can get rid of her buddy!"

Nick smiled. "Finally, something's going my way."


"WHAT?!? You can't do that! There has to be something in the contract! NO! Why?!
Now I'll never be able to afford to move back to Cali and see Danica!"

"Whoa, whoa, slow the truck down. I said we we're dropping you, what you didn't let me
get to was that Capitol will sign you. They loved what you did with Deanna Carter's song and
needed somebody in the pop genre," Kevin said.

"What about the tour?"

"You'll open for another act, possibly join the next TRL tour."

"So what day do you and the guys get rid of me?"

"Next week."

"Oh that's nice. I can't believe you guys! Just cause me and Nick aren't going out
anymore, you have to go and ruin my career?!? I thought this label was supposed to help up
and coming artists. Not destroy them."

"It is, but when you break one of my best friends heart, it gets personal." Kevin turned
and left Autumn in the room by herself. This did not turn out like she had hoped.