Don't Mess With The Radio
Chapter 9


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"Hey Nick, did you guys forget to tell me something?" Autumn asked, surprised to see the
heartthrob again so soon. In magazines, she had always thought he was good-looking, but not
the hottest guy in the world, but in person, she knew why he made Peoples 50 Most Beautiful
People list. He was drop dead hot.

"Nah, I was just on my way to the bathroom." The elevator door opened.

"Oh I see." She stepped inside the elevator.

"Well there was one thing, now that I think of it," Nick quickly said, holding the door

"What was," they both heard a cell phone ring and they both got theirs out to see if it was
theirs. It was Autumn's. "Hold on Nick." She pushed the talk button. "Hello?"

"Hey! How are you?"

"Good. Good. I thought I told you I would call you!"

"You know I could've still been in the meeting. In fact, I just got out and I'm in the
elevator right now." She made the talking hand signal to show Nick that she was annoyed with
whoever was calling. He just smiled.

"Yeah, I got it! Well, they said they'd sign me, but they got to get the contract and
everything worked out."

"Yeah, listen, I got to go, kay?"

"Yep, yep. Love you to baby. See ya tonight." She pushed the talk button once more
to hang up. "Sorry, my boyfriend Heath, always checking up on me. Now what did you want?"

"Oh," Nick felt his heart sink. Finally, he gets the nerve to ask a girl out and she has a
boyfriend. Maybe she wasn't the right one anyway.

"Nick? Whatd you need to tell me?"

"Oh! Um, I forgot. Oh well, must not have been important. If I think of it I'll call you, I
have your number."

"Oh okay." They just stood there looking at each other. "Are you going to move?"


"From the the door will I can go home?"

"Oh, sorry. See ya."

"Bye," she said as the elevator doors closed and he lost sight of her. Nick walked
grumbly back to their studio.

"Hey Nick, what took you so long?" Howie asked.

"Sorry, I got sidetracked."

"Yeah whatever. Listen weve got to work on our stuff now. Get in there and take it from
the beginning of your solo in 'How About That.' Aight?"

"Aight." He was not in the mood to sing a love song right now.