Don't Mess With The Radio
Chapter 16


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"I can't believe it's here already!!!" Autumn said on the day of her debut album's release.
"And it's my birthday!!!" It was Tuesday, May 25, 2004, and UnBeLiEvAbLy IrReSiStIbLe had hit
store shelves. Her first single, not 'Untruthful', but a song she wrote after all the songs were
suppost to be decided but was too much of a potential hit to waste, called 'You.' Top 40 loved it
and she had a fan base. Her first video was a smash and appeared on MTVs Total Request far topping at number 4. She was also getting calls to do many TV shows and
interviews. She was living on top of the world.

"I know, I'm so proud of you Autumn! You've come so far!" Nick said, kissing her. Nick
loved her more than anything in the world. She loved him too. Neither of them had the guts to
tell the other yet. Nick hoped shed do it. She hoped hed do it. They both hoped it would
happen tonight.

"Thank you! Thank you all you guys so much for everything you've done for me," she
said in their limo, heading for the Virgin Megastore in NYC. She was going to do a CD signing
and then head over to the MTV studios to appear and perform on TRL.

"You did it all, we just helped," Kevin said. Kevin had pretty much became her mentor.
The other guys did everything they could too, but there was just something about Kevin that
made her look up to him more than the rest. Maybe it was his professionalism. Maybe it was
because he was the eldest. Who knows? The only thing she knew was that it was only his and
Nick's opinions who really mattered to her. She loved the other guys, but she could care less
what they thought.


"...and be truthful on everything, even if you dont want to be, okay?" Kevin said,
prepping her for her 1st major television appearance.

"Okay," she said, "taking a deep breath."

"You'll be fine," Nick said, coming up behind her and massaging her shoulders. "Just
relax. Be yourself. Brian's cool." Brian McFayden had been hosting the show since winter 2002
when Carson Daly quit, the rumor was he was basically fired because he was getting too old to
be on MTV.

"Okay," she said again. Nick kissed her.

"....please welcome, Autumn Crane!" Brian said.

"Here I go," she said to Nick and Kevin. The other guys stood watching. They wouldn't
be going on stage today. This was Autumn's day.

The crowd started screaming for her. She walked out in between 2 bleachers of
audiance members, hitting their hands as she went by. "Welcome Autumn, welcome to TRL."

"Hi," she said, not knowing what else she should say. She was never shy, but she was a
little freaked out knowing that millions of people were watching her finally, not just 5 Backstreet

"Well Autumn, how are you?"

"Im good, and you?"

"Awesome, thanks. Your CD is out today, would you mind telling us a little about it?"

"No prob. I'ts called Unbelievably Irresistible and I'm so proud of it. All the songs were
written or co-written and performed by myself."

"Now about that title, why unbelievable irresistible?"

She was a little appalled that he didn't let her finish talking, but she answered his
question anyway. "Well, it just describes me!" she said, giving her most innocent devil look she
could give. She started laughing at how stupid she was being. Well, she was being herself,

"Ah, I see," he couldn't keep from laughing either. "Now, you're on Backstreet's KBNHA
label. How has that been? Do they help you with your music?"

"Yes, it's been amazing. They helped everyday with the recording, the producing,
everything. There's no way I'd be where I am today without them."

"How exactly, did you get to be discovered?"

"Well, I was working at a radio station in Tampa, KQQR, hey guys! Anyway, I talked my
boss into letting me play one of my songs on the station's Rate at 8, well, Howie happened to be
listening and came into the station, talked to my boss, talked to me, I had an audition and I was
in. I was the newest member of KBNHA."

"Almost sounds to good to be true."

"Tell me about it. I'm just waiting for something bad to happen, God's been too good to
me lately."

"Well, we have got to get to video number 7, but then well talk more with Autumn," he
said to the camera. "Here's the fall of day from Ja Rule, its called, 'Everyday.'"

They played the video and set up the equipment for her performace, but she'd have to
go through a little more interogation.

"That was Ja Rule at 7 and were here talking to Autumn Crane. Autumn, thanks again
for stopping by," he said, turning his attention back to her.

"No biggy."

"Well, we were talking about how the Backstreet Boys have helped you along your way,
what can you tell us about the rumors about you and Nick Carter being a couple? It's time you
come clean and don't lie to us. We don't like liers here." She could feel herself blushing. They
hadn't really done anything public, like highly publicized outings, kissing on camera, anything of
the sort. Kevin did say to be truthful.

"Well...." she was at a loss for words, very unlike her, "Yeah, I guess you could say that."

"What about the rumor that you guys are engaged?"

"WHAT?!?!" If she'd been drinking something, it would be all over now...spittakes r us.
"No, no, no, no, no," she said like Darla on the 'Little Rascals.' "And not for a while, unless he
knows something I don't know. I hadn't heard that one yet!"

"Me either, I just made it up."

"Well, what'd you do that for?" she said, playfully hitting him on the arm.

"I'm sorry, how bout we make it up to everyone by having you perform right now?"

"Sounds awesome."

"Great, we'll go to commercial and when we come back, a performance by Autumn
Crane. Well be right back."


"Performing her certified gold single, here's Autumn Crane with 'You.'"

I look at you
sitting beside me,
like you don't know me at all.
I see your smile.
I wonder why
you've got that grin on your face.

I can't imagine
where you were
just last night, oh, I
I can't imagine
the love you feel,
you feel inside, oh

I used to be the reason, you felt so in love.
Oh I, I was so stupid to let it slip away
But now there's one thing missin in my life
I toss and turn all through the night
Because of you.
Oh, Im missin you.

I get along
the best I can,
knowing that you're with her.
I try to move on,
but it's impossible
when I see you everyday.

I sit and wonder
what you did
and how you moved on so fast
I sit and wonder
where I can find love
and how to make it last, oh


I miss your smile, I miss your touch.
I miss the way it feels
to be in love....

Because of you.
Oh, I'm missin' you.


Oh I, I'm missing you baby.