Don't Mess With The Radio
Chapter 11


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"Hey guys," Autumn said as she walked into a meeting room at Interscope's Florida
office. "This is my friend Erica, she had to come along because her cars busted and I'm taking
her to work after this. I hope that's okay."

"Sure, hi Erica," Howie said. They all said their hellos.

"Well Autumn, we have your contract all worked out." He slid a big, stapled, stack of
papers down the table to where Autumn was sitting. "Look it over. I'll do my best to summarize
it right now. It basically states you have to put out 2 CDs with us within the next 3 years. You
must open on at least one leg of the tour nearest the 1st CD release. You can do the whole tour
if you wish. There's the option of merchandise and stuff like that. Um, oh, and you may have
one song on your debut cd as a duet with us as a group or just a member. But if you dont want
any of us on it, its okay. But it does help sales. But you can't release it as a single. And finally,
the most important thing, the money...." He went onto explain how Cd sales and merchandise and everything would pay her.

"Ok, it all looks good in here," she said closing the packet. "Where do I sign?"

Nick, who was sitting beside her, handed her a pen, "Here," he said pointing to the dotted
line. "And initial here." He turned a few pages. "Sign and date it here." He opened the last
page. "And sign and initial here. And you're all done. Let me be the 1st to welcome you to
KBNHA Records, Autumn Crane," he said, with an extended hand. Autumn shook it, and
everyone elses.

"We start recording Monday. Bring anything you've started working on and your guitar,"
Brian said. "See ya later."

"Bye guys."

"Bye everyone," Erica said.

"Bye." They went outside the building.

"Damn girl you were right."

"They're fricken on fire right?"

"Damn straight. But you know what I couldn't believe?"



"What about him?"

"Dude, he was like staring at you the whole time, like he couldn't keep his eyes off of


"Yeah, he was like drooling."


"No, Im serious. I think someones got a crush on someone."



"Well, isn't this a place to be in." She started thinking. "You know it wouldnt be a bad
idea if I went out with him a couple times, espcially near the album release, you know, to get my
name in the news."

"So youre saying youre gonna use him to get famous? Please tell me your not."

"No, no, no. Just as friends."

"Make sure he knows it, and you know it."

"What do you mean, and I know it?''

"I know how you are with guys. You tend to put your intentions before their feelings."

"I do not!"

"You do too! You do it with Heath. Remember when you said jokingly, or I thought, that
you guys should hook up so if he had assignments that you wanted, he'd give them to you, and
not the people with seniority like he should."


"So? That totally backs up my thinking. And you know what Nick's last girlfriend did to
him, it was all over MTV, dont do that to him again. He seems like too nice of a guy for that

"Don't worry, I wont hurt him."

"You'd better not, your career will rely on it."


"Remember Willa Ford? She had that one hit, then that was it, she hurt Nick, BSB fans
hurt her sales."

"No, she just was a hoochie who didn't have any good songs besides that one. Anyway,
I'm signed to BSB's label, their fans are gonna support me no matter what because it's good for
their boys."

"True, but don't hurt him. Besides, what about Heath?"

"Heath who? I cant stand him anymore. I was planning on breaking up with him
anyway. I just havent gotten around to it."

"Why cant you stand him?"

"He always has to know where I am, who I'm with, he treats me like a kid!"

"That's because you're 8 years younger than him. He's gonna act like a father figure."

"Well, I'm sick of it, I was stupid enough to go out with him anyway. He's gone."



"You've been saying youre gonna break up with him for the last month, when are you
going to do it?"

"Friday, we have a date. I'll call him before. Then Monday Ill be back in the studio with
Nick after work. That night I'll have a date."

"I worry about you sometimes girl. I worry."