Don't Mess With The Radio
Chapter 6


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Howie got into his Excursion and left the studio in which he and the rest of the Backstreet Boys
had been recording. He started the engine and backed out of the parking space he was in. He
fiddled with the radio stations until he found one playing music that came in. He had never
heard the song before.

~*' You're so untruthful. Maybe I am too. You've got some secrets. I do
too. My love was real, I don't know about you. Please let it out. You cant hide it no more.'*~

He liked it. It had major potential, whoever this singer was. She could be big, he thought to
himself. He continued listening. People were calling in to rate it. It was getting high reviews.

"Okay, I tallied up the results for 'Untruthful' and it got and average of 8.4 You don't
know how good that sounds to me, because thats MY song! Yes, a song by little old Autumn,
the struggling singer songwriter. Thanks to ya'll for calling in."

"Wow, she's good, for a DJ," he thought. He looked down at the radio. 97.5...hummmm,
KQQR. He knew it well. The boys had done plenty of interviews there, back in the day. Maybe
hed have to stop by and pay this Autumn a visit.


"Oh, Autumn?" Margie asked Autumn as she walked in the door to the reception area.

"Yeah, Marg?"

"Dean wanted to see you in his office. Right now."

"Do you know why?" She was hoping it was to get her song added to the playlist.

"No, sorry."

"That's alright." She turned around and walked through the doorway she had just
entered. She came to Dean's office door and could tell he was talking to someone. They were
far enough away from the door she couldn't get a glimpse of who it was.

She quietly knocked on the door and entered before Dean had a chance to say come in.
"Dean, you wanted to see me?" she asked without looking at the stranger.

"Yes, Autumn. This here is, well, you probably know him, Howie Dorough of the
Backstreet Boys." She turned her attention toward Howie. They stared at each other for a while.

Then Howie said, "How do you do?"

"Fine," she said, shaking his hand.

Dean interrupted, "Howie heard your song on the radio and he really liked it."

"Yes, it's an excellent song. You have an amazing voice."

"Thank you very much."

"He has a proposition for you."

"Oh, you do, do you?" she said, turning toward him.

"Yes. I want you to come sing in front of the band. I think they'll like you. We're looking
for a new artist to add to the label, and you may be it."

"Seriously? I'm speechless!"

"Can you meet us at Cedar Park Studios, say 5 o'clock tomorrow night?"

"I'll be there."

"All right. We'll be expecting you. Don't be late."

"I won't be, you can count on it."

"I'll be sure to."


"Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! Erica, you are not going to believe who stopped
by the studio and said they liked my song!"

"Whoa, easy turbo...slow down. I dunno who, tell."

"Howie of the Backstreet Boys! How sweet-assed is that!?!?"

"That's awesome girlie!"

"He said he heard my song on the radio and wanted me to come by Cedar Park Studios
tomorrow night and sing for the rest of the band. He wants to put me on their label!!!" she said
losing her breath.

"Oh, MY God, you are so lucky! You knew your calling and someone finally found you!"