Don't Mess With The Radio
Chapter 5


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"Hey Dean?"

"Yeah Autumn?" he asked as she walked into his office.

"Can I have you take a listen to this and tell me what you think?" she asked, handing him
a burnt CD demo.

"Sure, I guess so. What is it?"

"It's, well, it's me. I mean, one of my songs. Heath said it was really good, I wanted to
know what you thought."

"Well, I can take a listen right now if you'd like."

"Um, sure." He took the CD out of the case and placed it into his player. He cranked the
volume up a notch and turned down the bass. Autumn's voice came from everywhere.
Surround sound.

~*'Why am I always the last to know? Why doesnt anyone tell me these things?
But baby if you think you know everything about me, youre wrong. Cause I got secrets too. '*~

"Well," he started after it had finished. "It's got potential."


"Yeah. But in the words of Mark Twain, one person's value of a work is worthless. You
have to ask the public. How bout we put it on the Rate at 8 next time you fill in for Kevin. If it
gets high remarks, you'll know how it is."

"Really? That would be so awesome! Thank you so much! You dont know what this

"I think I have an idea."


"Ok, boys and girls, its time for the Rate at Eight. This is Autumn, filling in for Kevin
George this evening. Tonight's song is one very dear to me, and only this station has it! I'm not
going to tell you the artist yet, because I want to get unbiased remarks. So here it goes, it's
called 'Untruthful'." She played the song. She crossed her fingers and wished during the length
of it that it would get some high numbers.

"Ok, that was Untruthful. Tell me what you thought. Hello? Would you like to rate the

"Yeah," a female voice said. "I really liked it, I give it a 9.8."

"Awesome. Hello? What would you like to rate it?"

"A man answered this time, It sounds like something my girlfriend would like, I'll give it a

"Thanks. Hello? Rate at eight."

"Yeah, can I give that song an 8?"

"Sure can." This went on for about 20 minutes.

"Okay, I tallied up the results for 'Untruthful' and it got and average of 8.4 You don't
know how good that sounds to me, because thats MY song! Yes, a song by little old Autumn,
the struggling singer songwriter. Thanks to ya'll for calling in." She went back to the music.
"YES!" she screamed off-air.