Don't Mess With The Radio
Chapter 19


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"Well, well, well, if it isn't Autumn Crane," a man said, standing beside Autumn. She
turned around to look at the jerk that was starting to piss her off with his tone of voice.

"What do you want?" she said before she caught a glimpse of him. She gasped and he
just smiled. He watched her turn white.

"Or should I say, Margret Pagel," he said, just above whisper.

"Shuttup!" she said, covering his mouth with her hand. "Just what the fuck do you think
you're doing here?" She uncovered his mouth.

"I'm here to see you babe."

"Okay, I dunno how you got here and just what you think you're doing, but I thought you
agreed you'd never come see me again!"

"You agreed to that, I just said I never wanted to see you again. I just thought since you
were in the area, I'd just stop by and say hey. Plus, I thought you might like to see Dani...."

"Shut up I told you!" she said, inturrupting him again. "We need to talk, but not now, not
here. After I'm done with my set, well talk, okay?"


"And don't tell anyone who you are. You are a friend who lives in the area who came to
visit me. We used to go to school together. That's it. Nothing else. Got it?"


Nick walked up to them. "Hey Autumn, who's this?"

"Um, Nick, this is, this is Lyle. He's an old friend from school. He lives around here and
came to see me."

"Oh awesome. Hi Lyle, I'm Nick." He shook his hand. 'If he knew he wouldn't think it
was awesome,' Autumn thought to herself.

"Hi Nick."

"Autumn, you gotta get ready hun."

"Yeah, I know, I was just heading that way."

"It was nice to meet you Lyle." He nodded. Nick and Autumn walked toward the stage.
Autumn turned around and shot Lyle an evil glare. He shook it off and found a spot to enjoy the


"Listen," Autumn said, locking the door to the room they were in. It was her dressing
room. "I don't know who you think you are, coming here like this, but you can't do this to me
now! I've got too much on the line."

"Listen, I know all about you and Nick, you guys are all over the magazines. I don't care
about that, I care about Danica, someone I guess you've never really cared about."

"Yes I do."

"I understood when you were struggling to make payments on your student loans and
stuff, but now I know you have the money. Don't try to tell me you don't."

"Okay, I do, but no one knows Lyle. No one! I can't tell him now. I can't tell anyone.
I've been covering up my whole life with these lies and no one's asked questions. Then when a
couple hundred dollars dissappear each month, someone's gonna know somethings up."

"I know no one knows. Please, I read the bio on your website. Moved to Alaska! That
one made me laugh!"

"Listen, I have a standard to live up to now. I'm not like I used to be."

"I know, you used to care."

"I CARE ABOUT MY DAUGHTER!" she screamed. She started to sob.


'Daughter? What daughter? She sure as he'll didn't have a daugher with him.' Nick
stood outside the door to Autumn's dressing room and heard Autumn scream. What was she
talking about a daughter? It didn't make sense. Who was this Lyle guy? He definately was
going to be asking some questions after the show, but now he had to get on stage.