Don't Mess With The Radio
Chapter 8


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" now youre gettin what you deserve," she finished the song.

"Great Autumn, could you just wait there a sec?"

"Sure." Kevin walked over to the guys at the table.

"What do you guys think?"

"I like her," Nick said immediately.

"Well, you all know I like her," Howie said.

"She's aight. She's got good tone, I just wish her range was a few notes bigger," AJ said.
"Then you can do a few more different keys, but I suppose we could always lower them. I say we
sign her."

Autumn looked in through the window. 'Damn soundproof booth,' she thought. She
desperately wanted to know what they were saying.

"She's got talent, no doubt. I think she could be big. I think we should sign her, she'd be
a good addition to the label. She's got spunk too, if its a good thing, who knows!" Brian said.

"I like her," Kevin finished off. "Shes in?"

"She's in," they said unanimously. Kevin walked back over the the mic. "Autumn, you
can come in now."

She stepped out of the doorway and sat back down in her chair.

"So, we think we want to sign you to our label. Howie here did some good work."

Autumn was smiling ear to ear. "Oh my God, thank you guys soooo much! You won't
regret it."

"Well, we hope not. Is there a reason we would?"

"No, silly, what you thinkin?"

"Oh, I guess I wasn't," Kevin joked back. "We don't have a contract or anything planned,
it'll probably be a 2 record deal. You can get a lawyer to look it over if you want, but don't worry,
we wont rip you off like people try to do to us."

"I think I can trust you guys."

"Good, that's rule number one, trust us. We usually know what were talking about,
except for Nick."

"What? Did someone say my name?" Nick was jolted back to reality from his own world
called Autumn.

"Nevermind Nick." Everyone but Nick laughed. He just shrugged and shook it off.

"We'll call you when we have everything worked out and have the contract ready, okay?"

"Okey dokie, artichokie."

"Just do us a favor and never say that again," AJ joked.

"Eh, you're no fun!" she giggled.

"Well, we have a few things to finish up here, but you can go."

"Alrighty." She stood up and left the room.

"Guys, I'll be right back, I have to take a piss," Nick said.


He got up and left also. He didn't really have to pee, he just wanted to talk to Autumn,
alone, and ask her for a date.